VA – Jukebox Mambo, Vol. 3 [Jazzman]

• Jazzman Records releases the third amount of its Jukebox Mambo compilation series, artfully selected by DJ Liam Solid.
• A travel help of the well-liked American music of the 1950s influenced by bizarre rumba and Afro-Latin prepared timing and blues.
• Featuring rarities and unearthed gems from Percy Mayfield, Roy Gaines, Chuz Alfred, Monogram Caribbean Orchestra, and profuse more.

• The twenty-four road compilation comes thorough with in-deepness wake trace notes and photographs, as understandably as a deluxe doubled vinyl number with gatefold sleeve, and a wonderful little number origin sort 6 x 10" regulations set – with one of a kind artwork and four restricted compensation tracks

Since the set free of their basic Jukebox Mambo compilation album in 2012, Jazzman Records, with the curatorial savvy of DJ Liam Rotund, keep been crevice ears and minds to the delights of Latin-tinged Measure & Blues. This, the third unloose in the series, sticks squarely to the tried and tested method of its predecessors; combining a crate-digger’s passion for the murky with an ear for critical dancefloor flood pleasers.
In a stuffed up clearing of R&B comps, Jukebox Mambo stands out uniquely in shedding daylight on the era of Latin American and Caribbean persuade, a lubricous regular scrape by which continues to be felt in new music today.
Opener, The Emperor’s ‘Strong De Times (Things Getting Strong)’ is a first-rate eg of Philanthropic and Jazzman’s idiosyncratic brains to allure astonishing singularities to street lamp, a beguiling and sexy temptress grade of jazz, blues and Trinidadian calypso. Other highlights list the slinky rumba-blues of Percy Mayfield’s prurient ‘Unfettered Lips’, the exclusive known recording by female blues shouter Ethel Boswell on the follow ‘No More For You’, and Chuz Alfred’s mighty reading of the Duke Ellington archetype ‘Caravan’. In another place, Jukebox Mambo 3 is dominated by virtuosic performances, from the silky substance vocals of Roy Gaines to the polyrhythmic waving of the Monogram Caribbean Orchestra, and the Syrian-American jazz stylings of Eddie Kochak.
The compilation comes with in-deepness watch notes and photographs, is present as a deluxe hypocritical vinyl tip on gatefold as famously as a wonderful meagre printing over the hill opulence 6 x 10" list set – with inimitable artwork and four sole reward tracks.
Lovingly compiled, artfully arranged and expertly annotated, Jukebox Mambo Measure 3 is another immersive gaze into an era of lilting adventures that unruffled carries a one of a kind incline today. This one is for the crate diggers and music lovers identically!

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