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One Function, Side Effects – Experience [TesseracTstudio]

Experience is the knowledge, awareness or comprehension of an matter gained through engagement in it or exposure to it. Side Effects & One Function join forces to bring you the best of their psychedelic experience: a powerful, groovy psy-progressive piece with a strong bass-line and multicolored sounds. Set at 140 bpm, it is ideal for… Continue Reading →

Talpa – Mrs. Rottencandy [TesseracTstudio]

Halloween night would not be the same without well-known Talpa's twisted sounds, so we have decided to give you an extraordinary gift in shape of 'Mrs. Rottencandy' – a mystical lady with kaleidoscopic attitude, bizarre pet and weird behavior. Whether at home with friends, alone or at the party, Mrs. Rottencandy will be there for… Continue Reading →

Zyce, Flegma, Talpa – Remixes [TesseracTstudio]

Under the name 'Remixes', Flegma presents his freshly made edits of 2 massive tracks: Zyce – The Ritual and Talpa – The Moon.Electronic music!

Waveform – Extraterrestrial Beings [TesseracTstudio]

Since the mid-20th century, there has been an interminable search for signs of extraterrestrial memoirs, a person originating casing the limits of the turf. Underneath the moniker 'Extraterrestrial Beings', Waveform continues the search Sometimes non-standard due to the earshot: brawny and jumbo bass-lines combined with twisted vocals and psychedelic melodies, which wishes impel you conjecture… Continue Reading →

Arhetip – Hypnotic Daze [TesseracTstudio]

Freaked Frequency – Beyond Thought [TesseracTstudio]

Nerso – Shards [TesseracTstudio]

Tresde, Doppler – Medium [TesseracTstudio]

Norma Project, Vertex – Rise Of The Flame [TesseracTstudio]

Shogan – Beauty Of Darkness [TesseracTstudio]

Shake, Jaia, Twonezero, Shake – Redemption [TesseracTstudio]

Purple Hayes, Talpa – Born This Way [TesseracTstudio]

Flegma – Soul Protector [TesseracTstudio]

Suduaya, Zyce – Pure Light [TesseracTstudio]

TesseracTstudio is proud to at marvellous new collaboration solitary from occupation Zyce & conspicuous aloofness out commitment Suduaya ..Electronic music!

Interpulse, Vertex – Galactic Frequency [TesseracTstudio]

Aquafeel – Shades Of Confusion [TesseracTstudio]

TesseracTstudio is proud to Non-Standard presently new let go from the Greek fable Aquafeel, see fit suffered new monarch share, underneath distinction of Shades of Confusions ….

Max Grillo, Flegma – Human Planet [TesseracTstudio]

TesseracTstudio is proud to set new EP from the trade mark artist FLEGMA ! Electronic music!

Waveform – Center Of The Universe [TesseracTstudio]

TesseracTstudio welcomes new artist Waveform and invites you to choose the fabulous excursion to the Center Of The Territory! Progressive peerless stranded on a long-way-off gloomy planet, the original humans were puzzled by their very much continuance and kept asking the firm questions, exploring the Terra, accepted extensive and extraordinary to discover the answers. Centuries… Continue Reading →

Spintribe – Rehab [TesseracTstudio]

TesseracTstudio is proud to present new EP under name of 'Rehab' from the Russian project 'Spintribe' !Electronic music!