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Tahabdra – Phi [Symphonic Distribution]

Named after the Greek letter symbolizing the golden ratio (a central factor of the tuning system which all of Tahabdra's music is produced in), PHI is the first chapter of the duo's exploration into using their personally crafted tuning system with forward thinking bass music. "We are focused on making music that is both mentally… Continue Reading →

Eminent Fam, Sean Trimz, Blaklizt, Cream Group – The Feminine Playlist [Symphonic Distribution]

CREAM GROUP is a group of aspiring musicians based in a township called Protea Glen (Soweto) in the city of Johannesburg South Africa. The group came about when three solo artists decided to come together to form something incredible, unbreakable and untouchable. The group was founded by Tsundukani Chauke aka Mace Treezy,Khamusi Mphephu aka Slim… Continue Reading →

Boogie Nite, Fathom DJ – Friday Nite Africa [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Devin Leslie – I Assure Ya [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Esperiz Juna – Strange Funeral [Symphonic Distribution]

Imagine Esperiz Juna as the character in a series whose story is told by the music. Each songs gives you an idea of ​​the evolution of the character.. Now I let your imagination do the rest… Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Pozi – Breathing [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Wes Joseph, Antonio Fresco – Lose Myself [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Boogie Nite, Fathom DJ – Vibez Vibez Vibez [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Joshua Jimenez – What You Say [Symphonic Distribution]

Super radio friendly songwriter Joshua Jimenez does it right with this banging new pop track "What You Say". Join the California songwriter on his journey to release the best music available anywhere. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Modlift – Flares [Symphonic Distribution]

Transforming visions into sound, Levi Matson as Modlift pushes the boundaries of what's possible using all original samples with a hybrid of organic / synthetic sounds, via custom processes. Both a sound design artist and long time fan of experimental and electronic music, Modlift finally thrusts forth deep sonic art to wow the listener, for… Continue Reading →

Ghasty – Holla [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Fvllweather, Miselle – Time Travel With Me [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

Icex, Icex – Mortal Kombat [Symphonic Distribution]

Electronic music!

H+, Nic Swan (1undread) – Zombies Are People Too [Symphonic Distribution]

H+ makes a clamorous start on belief, political science and convictions with music that is unfaltering to slight some and take care others smiling on the cavort overthrow. Electronic music!

Trouze – Like You [Symphonic Distribution]

Wilbur – Imagination [Symphonic Distribution]

Biznezz – Damn Right [Symphonic Distribution]

Carl Lee – Don’t Look Back [Symphonic Distribution]

Jefani – Last Wave [Symphonic Distribution]

Will O.B., LAW. – Gold (will O.b. Remix) [Symphonic Distribution]

mdsmithson – Blue Gum [Symphonic Distribution]

Abrasiv – Blood Machine [Symphonic Distribution]

Kimerik Blaze – Fame [Symphonic Distribution]

AjaxBeats – Ajaxbeats [Symphonic Distribution]

Cezar, MadTisch, AllisLo, kweku. – On A Wednesday [Symphonic Distribution]

mdsmithson – Go [Symphonic Distribution]

Puga – Bullseye [Symphonic Distribution]

Jayl – Dance [Symphonic Distribution]

Dj Shok – New Wine [Symphonic Distribution]

Esperiz Juna – Main Character [Symphonic Distribution]

S A C H – Motion Minds Ep [Symphonic Distribution]

Notorious CHRIS – Everybody [Symphonic Distribution]