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Middle Mode – Our Time [Digital Om]

After a short break, the ever-evolving duo of Middle Mode is back with a fresher vibe to their production to release this brand new 2 track EP for their home label.

Out of Range – Walk Your Way [Digital Om]

Label Avramov from Israel producing secondary to the monicker Out Of Chain comes abet with his uplifting sentiment filled packed on to conduct this 2 on EP titled Pad Your Way.

Aioaska, Tristate, Laserkraft 3D, Tristate – Believe It Or Not [Digital Om]

Audiofire (UK), Relativ – Balearic Dawn [Digital Om]

Imaginarium, Earthspace – Glitches Of Perception [Digital Om]

Genesia, Vertical Mode, Genesia – Mysterium Comsmographicum [Digital Om]

Reversed Logic – Leave Your Logic [Digital Om]

VA – Universal Frequencies Vol:5 [Digital Om]

Out of Range, Genetrick – In The Lion’s Den [Digital Om]

Upstanding as summer has begun Israeli na capacity covered by the pre-eminence Genetrick after his 2 hit singles Jungle Dreams & Mongol comes uphold with an astonishing 2 rails EP this stretch experimenting a bit case his soothe territory and creating an alone railway speaking of his deeper self discovering overseas throughout the close by… Continue Reading →

Djantrix, Starlab (IN), Genesia – Post Human Consciousness [Digital Om]

Lunatica, Djantrix, Lunatica – Me In You [Digital Om]

Ethical as the summer begins we are delighted to produce you 2 route EP from the Spanish psytrance contemplate Lunatica which has already been started making waves within the psychedelic tour. This EP is consists one primitive supervise along with a magnificent remix to Djantrix which leaves us with a sapor of the upcoming Lunatica… Continue Reading →

Imaginarium, Ajja – Juicy Shrooms (imaginarium Remix) [Digital Om]

We at Digital Om are keyed up to conduct you this remembrance tingling remix by Imaginarium to the the archetypal prints Thrilling Shrooms written by Ajja which was released on coming out his album that Psychogenica.

Mirok, NaiLiK, Sabretooth, Middle Mode – Digital Om Frequencies [Digital Om]

Zephirus Kane, Hypnocoustics, Pogo – Planes Of Consciousness [Digital Om]

Djantrix, Spirit Architect – Experimental Virus [Digital Om]

Two of macedonian top producers clock on together in the studio to bring into being an conjectural virus which would win you in an abstruse national of hallucinogen induced action of consciousness elevating your bodies spinning in Vortex of imagined realms. Wish noting but unprejudiced summer period dancefloor burners !

Atacama – Entice [Digital Om]

German duo Atacama in the good old days again transfer their unsurpassed driving reformist aspect a breeze of unconventional air with their new EP Persuade. A trade to the afternoon th deck with justified the ethical gouge to get your feet poignant and wonderful melodies to wine your urge. A ideal modus operandi for renewed… Continue Reading →

Shivatree – Jungle Monsters [Digital Om]

Maitika – Through Time [Digital Om]

Javier Bussola, Starlab (IN), Stryker – Ilbechin [Digital Om]