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Rum Nitty, Chilee Powdah, Frisko Lay, Sir Will – Barbarian [Bentley Records]

OTR – On The Rise [Bentley Records]

Sunshadew – Go [Bentley Records]

Prince Lava – Trip [Bentley Records]

T680 – Just Do It [Bentley Records]

Grizz Lee, Riff Raff – Get My Own [Bentley Records]

Y.Y.E. – Losing My Mind [Bentley Records]

Kirkinche – She Makes Me Feel [Bentley Records]

Yachi L – Funk Hop [Bentley Records]

Naus – Meditate [Bentley Records]

Kilo – In Real Life [Bentley Records]

Cashmerely – Carefree Trapboy [Bentley Records]

Teeko Sinatra – Illuminate [Bentley Records]

Mz.Dyzihre – Wifey Type [Bentley Records]

Michael Ellis – Going Ghost [Bentley Records]

Wojactor – Riding The Evening Bus Home [Bentley Records]

SAGA7 – Mistakes [Bentley Records]

Unplugged – Bebe De Leon [Bentley Records]

Rap Static – Gunny Man [Bentley Records]

SAGA7 – Underwater [Bentley Records]

BiGG DeeMo – Re-introduce Myself [Bentley Records]

Military Minded G – This Time Around [Bentley Records]

Rationale – Riddim [Bentley Records]

JEIRU – Lit [Bentley Records]

Taylor Williams Jr., Goldie Webster, Cecily Brackin, Krystal Klear Da Rapper – God’s Angels [Bentley Records]

Kris Ryan – Reflections [Bentley Records]

Unplugged – Jungla [Bentley Records]

Seph Siah – Money Smile [Bentley Records]

Chris Bone Garza – Illa [Bentley Records]

Wojactor – Listening To The Wind [Bentley Records]

West Crav – Get It Poppin [Bentley Records]

DJ Luna – Vol. B02 [Bentley Records]