Milco, King Felix – Lonely Raver [Itchy Tasty Records]

The path of a Lonely Raver is a journey that is brought about by curiosity and moved forward by courage. Rest assured all those that seek the path of the Lonely Raver will be destined to find their way into many great and wondrous experiences throughout the night.

King Felix & Raymond Milco's 'Lonely Raver' track is about what it is like to venture off on your own into the depths of the raver nightlife and come back to reality a more learned and complete person from the experience.

King Felix (Producer, Composer, and Dj) and Milco (8 String Guitarist) were once known as a musical duo named Veilless. The two of them created a new genre together that blended Dance music with Metal. Aka Electronic Dark Metal (EDM). Their extraordinary hard work and showmanship took them around the world to Japan on a musical tour. The journey was both bold and beautiful; despite the fact the band Veillees went in separate ways after Nippon tour. Thus, Itchy Tasty Records is proud to release 'Lonely Raver' by Veilless aka King Felix & Milco.

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