Lauer – Pile [Futureboogie Recordings]

Following on from 2016's excellent "Birsk" single on Futureboogie, Phillip Lauer returns to the label with a new three track single. The "Las Brisas" EP kick starts with the mechanical funk of "Pile"; acidic notes drip over heavy EBM drums whilst a hovering 'Resse' style bassline dominates, the influence of early house and industrial dance are ever present here on this belter of a track from the Tuff City Kids and Talamanca System player.
More acid pressure can be found on "Clipper", a blazing and dynamic slice of anthemic Balearic dance. Searing pads and lustrous melodies pour over the robust drum machine workout, that'll have dancers reaching for the skies! Real stirring stuff from Lauer, which continues with closing track "Tyco". Ricocheting stabs and cowbell hits bounce off a sturdy kick drum as the track flourishes with more on-point melodies and a snaking bass. Dripping with emotive refrains, Lauer brings his very best to the table here, and rounds off an EP that's most definitely all killer and no filler!

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