Kiu D, Rafael Fernandez, Hotmood, Maya – Walking With Kid (remixes) [feat. Maya] [Walk of Sound]

The special kind of remix EP with two Mexican and one Italian by origin producers – Valique travels the Latin world!

Rafael Fernandez is Mexico's own, delivering a subtle interpretation of the original tune, with less vocals and more stress on restructuring and bringing the heavy bass-line forward, adding spaces and places, altogether redefining the quality of the track.

Hotmood (Guillermo Gonzalez Santana) is another fast growing Mexican producer that has been noticed with several interesting EP's on top disco labels, here applying his multi-dimentional skills to get the groove into more deep funk house area, sculpting the track with the use of trumpet and rotating funky cuts.

Kiu D is an Italian residing in Bristol who has become one of the most interesting new-breed producers on the nu-disco scene, goes even deeper into house territory, still riding that guitar loop, 909 house claps and a massive bass. The soothing vocals appear at the peak on the track to define the horizon in this tight dance-floor rocker.

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