Kaczmarek – Iiiiiiiiiiiiii [KCZMRK]

Paul Ritch has undertaken a new project titled Kaczmarek, which will be the introductory act on his new KCZMRK label.
The 14 selections of the album, each one titled only with hash marks that designate its place in the order of the playlist, each feature elements that contribute to the construction of a virtual environment: some of the elements to be found are ghostly hovering dissonance, intense hydraulic percussion, and subtle glitches appearing on the periphery of consciousness. In the wrong hands, collecting so many disparate elements in one place could be a recipe for disaster, but Ritch's diverse arrangements here all share a common impression of momentum or resistance to stasis. Stand-alone moments, like the cloudy industrialisms of "II" and "IIIIIII" or "IIIIIIIIII"'s clever mix of running water and cycling deep bass, are enjoyable in and of themselves, but they also contribute to a larger template from which each individual listener can create their own psychic adventure.

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