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Dominik Haak, Celino & Hensen, Tim Wittig, Dominik Saltevski – Night Creatures Ep [Hardwandler Records]

This is the next EP of Dominik Saltevski on Hardwandler Records with Remixes by Tim Wittig, Celino & Hensen and Dominik Haak.Electronic music!

Greg Denbosa – Salvation Ep [Finder Records]

Distributed by Pressology – Electronic music!

Lenz – Lsd / Your Demon [Rave Instinct]

Superb first Rave Instinct release by Italian producer Lenz. Influenced by the true dutch gabber sound, but with its own vibe. Both tracks are made for 'Hakkuh!'.

Mark Cowax, Van Dexter, Da Mad Mixologist – A Little Abuse [X-treme Hard Traxx]

A Little Abuse EP from Da Mad Mixologist. Demo Submission: Electronic music!

Unaffected – Code 3 [No Theory]

No Theory presents Unaffected – Code 3Electronic music!

Paris 2 Project – In My Face [San Francisco Nights Records]

Electronic music!

Procopis Gkouklias – Psycho Souls [Oxytech Records]

Distributed by Proton SoundSystem – Electronic music!

Tito K., Assuc, Maeb, DJ Deep Noise – Psyche [Technz Records]

DJ Deep Noise – Psyche is the latest release on Technz Records.Electronic music!

Alum Setter, BEDBY10, Sasha Romaniuk, Roby M Rage – So What Ep [Finder Records]

Distributed by Pressology – Electronic music!

VA – Ade Amsterdam 2017 [Fortwin-Records]

Demos please email Electronic music!

Zombie In Progress – Raw [Tekx Records]

Electronic music!

Gabbanatic – Mystic [Pink Unicorn Records]

Incredible Gabbanatic supports our label with a new longplay 'Mystic'! The album consists of eight mad Gabba tracks that definitely will keep you moving.

Sazera – Livin’ In Exile [Limbo Records]

We welcome to our family to a great talent :Sazera Distributed by Pressology – Electronic music!

Erik Erixon, Kay Heyberg, Darmec, Tommy Libera – Einstein [Pitch Perfect Records]

Tommy Libera 'Einstein' Remixed By Dario Sorano Darmec Julian Brand Kevin Kranz Erik Erixon Kay HeybergElectronic music!

Sheef Lentzki, Gregor Size, Manu Kenton, Roman Faero – Undersession [Industrial Philharmonics]

Roman Faero's new release on Industrial PhilharmonicsElectronic music!

The Man From Mars Project – Bbr007 [Bishops Bloc]

The Man From Mars Project gives us two insane tracks throwing back to the dancefloors of 1994. Hardcore the way it used to be!! Electronic music!

Phot, Push’n’Ball, Joseph Dalik, Calzedon Guy – Chosen One (remixes) [Techno Vinyls Records]

Available on vinyl: Electronic music!

VA – Black 003 [Black Reverb]

Various Artists – BLACK 003 is the latest release on Black Reverb.Electronic music!

A Humanoid Individual – The Late Album [MTDN Audio Rec]

A Humanoid Individual pres unrerground techno album The Late © 2017 Mtdn Audio RecordsElectronic music!

Cyberx, Jounes, Joachim L, Bodzza – Ade Sample 2k17 [Technobuse Records]

Various Artists – ADE Sample 2k17 is the latest release on Technobuse Records.Electronic music!

NorTheq – Joint Sky Ep [Infinitech Records]

Electronic music!

Laule, Mr. Peppers, Pascal Czichy, Champas – Trauma [Art Style: Techno Records]

The new EP of Champas on Art Style: Techno RecordsElectronic music!

Carara – Interstellar [VapourTrail Records]

VapourTrail Presents VPTR017 Carara – Interstellar Carara's VapourTrail debut is now a reality and he definitely goes all-out in these three cuts. The title track is based on dominant, squelchy stabs accompanied by busy electronics in the background and a bubbling rhythm section. The chord-led "Sin City Night" is up next, nodding to the old-school… Continue Reading →

Noseda, Kai Pattenberg, Jared Pastore, Timao – Frankenstein [Oxytech Records]

Distributed by Proton SoundSystem – Electronic music!

Brain.exe – Hybrid Ep [Physical Techno Recordings]

– Hybrid EP is the latest release on Physical Techno Recordings.Electronic music!

Zero Theorem – Room 74. [Industrial Philharmonics]

Zero Theorem's debut album on Industrial PhilharmonicsElectronic music!

Van Dexter, Mark Cowax, Da Mad Mixologist – Premeditated [Devil Terror Traxx]

New EP from Da Mad Mixologist on Devil Terror Traxx. Demo Submission : Electronic music!

DJ Tyga – Alone At The Rdv [Born2Porn Records]

Loud and Kick ass, this is the track you need to start on the Big Room place !!! Electronic music!

VA – Clubbers Culture: Hard Techno Nation, Vol.3 [Clubbers Culture]

The Finest Music Collection Of The Dance Underground Culture Electronic music!

Jack Carel (The Architect) – Energy Crisis [Oxytech Records]

Distributed by Proton SoundSystem – Electronic music!

Monophaze, Tawa Girl – Bleak Zone [Subwoofer Records]

Electronic music!

Tito K. – Next Enemy [Audioquence Records]

Nex Enemy is the new EP from Tito K. on Audioquence Records. Electronic music!