Eminent Fam, Sean Trimz, Blaklizt, Cream Group – The Feminine Playlist [Symphonic Distribution]

CREAM GROUP is a group of aspiring musicians based in a township called Protea Glen (Soweto) in the city of Johannesburg South Africa. The group came about when three solo artists decided to come together to form something incredible, unbreakable and untouchable. The group was founded by Tsundukani Chauke aka Mace Treezy,Khamusi Mphephu aka Slim Kenny in June 2015.
Cream is a group that promotes creative thought without accepting narrow views imposed by the power that be. CREAMGROUP released a rap song titled 'Jays & Jeans' in July which kind of gave the group a hype hence it was our introduction into this rap game. People received the song with respect and belief that we could produce more music.
That's when CREAM GROUP released a smash trap record titled 'Girls From Soweto' which juxtaposes harsh truth about society with thought, provoking with underlying messages and subtle notions centered around the idea of expressing life's truth through music. It was released in September 2015 as a single which was introducing the new Soweto sound and amazingly it took people by storm. Few other singles came along singles like 'Gold Chain', 'Diesel On My Jeans' featuring 'I Madiba Sign' which were the only singles to our upcoming mixtape titled 'The New Soweto'
These singles quickly became local's favorites buoyed by acid-rap influenced production, biblical allegory and lacerating lyricism. Those projects were by far the most lyrical body of work and made CREAM GROUP members felt that they could conquer anything if they fussed their individual sounds to produce one sound.
During the festive season in 2015 CREAM GROUP went on a 10 shows free tour performing in 10 shows in all Soweto's finest places in association with Heineken which was called The New Soweto Tour.
During the tour, the group was fortunate enough to have met up with an aspiring music video director who promised to shoot a music video for 'Girls from Soweto'. And the video was shot the following year in 2016 March. The video took place at Soweto and Auckland Park. The video dropped on the first of June and went viral reaching 400 views in 2 weeks with no publishing deal as the promo video was already in people's tongues.
The group felt like they needed to do more in terms of exposure for instance air plays and television. Things eventually worked out in June as we handled our first radio interviews at Eldos FM with the two main singles 'Girls From Soweto' and 'Gold Chain' who had already topped the top 10 charts. Then followed our other interviews at the Vaal with Lekoe FM and the one at our hometown which was Jozi FM but we haven't stopped moving forward as we plan to take over radio stations and television by storm.
CREAM GROUP merged with a event management company called 'Creative Movement' to host an event titled 'Get Lit' which helped upcoming artists to showcase their talent. The event was held in a local pub called 'Casban' on the 27th of August. The show was success Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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