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19b, Electralex – Mind Call [BORSH]

Electralex, 19b – Mind Call is the latest release on BORSH.Electronic music!

DEAFF – April [Glerx Records]

DEAFF, presents this beautiful track which has a good drop a melody pegadisa that is a Hit, that will make you dance until you can not more, Enjoy Electronic music!

SignOfCrows – Battlefield [See The Sea Records]

See The Sea Records presents 'BattleField' by SignOfCrows Electronic music!

Patrick Russell, Ninos Du Brasil – Animais Soar O Alarme [The Bunker New York]

Ninos du Brasil is Nico Vascellari and Nicolo Fortuni. Friends for over twenty years the pair spent an insane amount of time listening to music together in the grey and solitary Italian countryside before starting to make their own music in 1999 as a project called With Love. Ninos du Brasil was formed in 2012… Continue Reading →

M.V.O.Project – Micro World [Soundfield]

– Micro World is the latest release on Soundfield.Electronic music!

Mycelial Cords, Shabboo Harper – Sexthesis [Speedsound]

Electronic music!

Mindfulness Slow Life Laboratory – Healing For Mental Fatigue [Shinonsya Otosupli]

Music therapy technology for chillout and ambient with mindfulness.Electronic music!

Fly A Kite – Nevertheless [BORSH]

Fly A Kite – Nevertheless is the latest release on BORSH.Electronic music!

VA – Astral Connection [Mamomam Records]

Mamomam Records is proud to presents you our third Various Artist compilation – Astral Connection – compiled by JaraLuca. Some say that the world we live in, how we perceive it and each other within it, is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. To quote Bill Hicks: 'we're all one consciousness experiencing itself… Continue Reading →

Acid Pauli, Flug 8 – Taunus [Kerosene]

Flug 8 "Taunus" was the first official Flug 8 record that was released on the label Smaul recordings in January 2008. The record originally named "smaul 04" was discovered by the then label owner Martin Gretschmann (Acid Pauli) in Weilheim Germany and received quite a bit of positive response in the scene at the time…. Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Slow Life Laboratory – Bgm For Mental Fatigue With Mindfulness Slow Life Laboratory [Shinonsya Otosupli]

Music therapy technology for chillout and ambient with mindfulness.Electronic music!

CJ Alexis – Heart Beating [Karavan Records]

CJ Alexis – Heart Beating Electronic music!

Twarc Pyroelectric – Magnetar [Filter Union]

Electronic music!

Luchiiano Vegas, Organic Noise From Ibiza – Moog Expressions (dub Club Shot) [Fantastische Hubschrauber Records]

Electronic music!

Djrum – Broken Glass Arch [R&S Records]

R&S proudly presents brand new signing Felix Manuel AKA Djrum. Djrum is a perennially acclaimed underground artist, since his first release in 2010 who's quietly built a list of fans that reads like a who's who of contemporary dance music. As an artist, Djrum has formed a reputation for his unique fusion of a range… Continue Reading →

Driller – Carribean Dreams [EDM Nerds Records]

New Release by EDM Nerds RecordsElectronic music!

VA – 5 Years Of No Corner [No Corner]

Starting off five years ago as a home for a recording of a radio show, backed up with a recording of a dread-filled live jam from Killing Sound [now one of the harder to obtain pieces in the catalogue and one that's featured on the bonus cassette], NoCorner has morphed from an occasional cassette label… Continue Reading →

Russian Linesman – The Eysenck Suite Iv – Phlegmatic [Loki Recordings]

'The Eysenck Suite IV – Phlegmatic' is the fourth in a series of four EPs that explore the psychology of Hans Eysenck's four temperamental categories and the emotions they encompass, a project that the British Psychological Society have already endorsed. A journalist recently described the Russian Linesman as a "modern day composer", and that's a… Continue Reading →

Be Jam – Simulflow [Mystic Sound Records]

Mystic Sound Records proudly present the debut album of an extremely talented producer from Zhukovskij, Russia, Be Jam (Denis Lutovinov) – 'Simulflow'. Imagine a party in a temple, on the top of the really high mountain in India. And you go up leaving the 'earth' world back down – the walk is slow and relaxed,… Continue Reading →

King Doudou, Florentino, 1180, Canblaster – Continue! (remixes) [Pelican Fly]

Electronic music!

Nemato – Leviathan [Hooki-Sonic Recordings]

Electronic music!

Vyacheslav Sketch – Sorrow [Rest Music]

Vyacheslav Sketch – Sorrow is the latest release on Rest Music.Electronic music!

Fitz Ambro$e – Doe Quarterz [All City Dublin]

Electronic music!

Lo.Renzo, Mettakin – Ülgen [Outtallectuals]

New EP from original Outta song-marauding pitch-doctor, Mettakin; Ülgen conceptualizes the tamer side of his production, delivering natural and organic sound of meditative whomps. The EP is accentuated by the guest musicianship of @lo-renzo-project with his sublime sarangi and guitar playing skills , and Cédric Barreteau with the soaring violins on Eagle Son Dub. Distributed… Continue Reading →

Chris Weeks – The Grey Ghost Of Morning [Archives]

'The Grey Ghost of Morning' is the new work by talented Chris Weeks. The album comes in a 6-Panel CDr. Written, Produced and Mastered by Chris Weeks. Mastering by Rob Small. Archives41 // ArchivesCD22 Archives / 2017

Blue Wave – Sweet Ecstasy [Giverny Music]

After 'Nonchalant' the artist Blue Wave delivers 'Sweet Ecstasy' a brand new lounge/downtempo track, presented by Giverny and enjoy it!

Felicia Bye – Ordinary People [Blissful Moods]

Electronic music!

Andrew Heath – Soundings [Disco Gecko]

Soundings continues Andrew Heath's exploration and manipulation of found sounds and field recordings to create textures and pointillist staccato notes of sound which are then set against quiet piano phrases and shimmering electronic treatments. The album explores his growing fascination with the quiet sounds of people within interior spaces – footsteps, talking, even whispering –… Continue Reading →


first single on TMP Records LLC. A blend of luscious hiphop with electronic fusion. Electronic music!

Xhanto – Tofu [Black Sunset Underground]

A look into the mind of Xhanto is sure to leave you in awe. This brilliant cut showcases the musical prowess of this artist and his ability to create and manipulate sound. Tofu is a cut above.

Massa Takemoto – The Moments Captured [Peacelounge Recordings]

Electronic music!

AnatolliMal – Lonely Waves [Mediterranean Music]

AnatolliMal – Lonely Waves is the latest release on Mediterranean Music.Electronic music!