Dharam Deep, Jim Carson, OM Daddy – People Of Color [Anahata Love Recordings]

Tribal, groovy house with deep sub-bass and funky bassline, an unforgettable vocal – 'Can we all just get along?' and 'Let's try and work it out.' This a house music anthem promoting peace, unity, and togetherness. In today's political climate and uncertainty, we are reminded we are one human race united by our humanity and love for house music.

OM Daddy, Dharam Deep, and Jim Carson promote a message of hope, love, charity, and peace for our future and our present time on 'People of Color.'

Inspired not only by the current discussions about race & inequality, but also the infamous riots of 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA, when OM Daddy was just a little OM baby. It is a timeless message and inspiration to hear the famous words, 'Can we all just get along?'

And the answer is 'yes' when we decide that is what we want for ourselves, our future, and our children.

A message of peace, love, unity, & respect, for all races, colors, creeds, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations.

This EP is sure to inspire peace and love whenever & wherever it is played; promoting togetherness, happiness, joy, & Anahata (heart chakra) Love.

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