Desiree, Troo Knot, DV, Nevik – Chronicles [Moonlight Records]

Two years since the announcement of Chronicles and finally Nevik's debut album is ready to be experienced. The Croatian and Canadian born producer, DJ, writer, graphic designer, and student: 'Nevik' (aka Luke Vodopija) has manifested an electronic and hip hop influenced album that delivers an impactful and memorable performance. The grand opening "Welcome" is equivalent to an electronic and organic orchestra preparing the listener for an epic journey. Whether the stories told range from love songs such as in: "Pure Nature" "Take 63" and "Locked" to rapping about nonsense and inner demons in: "Cringe" and "Somewhere In The Middle" Nevik's long awaited project delivers a heavy impact with the help of extremely talented local artists. With rumours of another album already in the works, and the constantly updated obscene and murky rhymes showcased in his side project: Dark Nevik, Nevik has made his mark and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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Mastered by Kloves

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